Raised by a mother who is a dermatologist, I always knew the value of good skincare. She would always tell me to stay away from products that contain harmful ingredients from the chemicals used to add fragrances and coloring. Unsatisfied with what was available commercially, she had the idea of creating her own soap for our use at home. What she came up with did not only do the consistent job of cleansing without irritation but also left our skin feeling and looking healthy over the years. Mothers do know best.

This same soap would end up in the hands of my mother’s patients, some of them seeking a remedy for different skin problems such as severe dryness and hyper sensitivity. Many would come back to ask for it again and again claiming how it did wonders for their skin. At her clinic where I now work, I would listen with pride to grateful testimonies about this simple, unscented soap born out of her expertise and resourcefulness. I wondered as a skincare professional what the secret ingredient was. What made this soap so effective?

"“It’s the virgin coconut oil, Margaux.”

Since this discovery, i started my own research on this oil sourced from Philippine coconuts which are the best in the world. I have since found out so much about its health and beauty benefits.

Taking inspiration from my family’s skin care secret and the wonder-working power of coconut oil, I have developed Dermtropics with the help of my husband, Miko Lucena. In this product, we believe that we have the simplest and purest skin and hair products that delivers the best results. We are now ready to share it with the rest of the world.

Margaux Arambulo-Lucena

Founder and CEO








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