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as someone in their 30s with sensitive skin, eczema, and a broken skin barrier, I was looking for a local, philippine made alternative to my gold bond, aveeno, curel, and illiyoon faavorites. But because this was made by Filipinos, they took the heat & humidity in consideration so this lotion absorbs faster and never feels sticky or like you put any lotion to begin with. Dermtropics lotion is probably the only lotion that ticks all the boxes for me and as a bonus, the packaging uses less plastic and it's such a pretty bottle too! Doesn't look out of place on any dresser. I usually look for colloidal oatmeal but this also has other powerful ingredients like raw coconut. This stops my eczema from going into a full blown flare up. As for my broken skin barrier, I saw results after about a week of using this plus a haru haru sensitive skin essence on my skin. Just that essence and this lotion everyday and it helped prevent the painful eczema around my eyes and cheeks. Really can't rave enough about this lotion!

Full-life Hair

I'm not a fan of conditioners bec.its makes my hair so limp. Until I tried Dermtropics Conditioner- it's makes my hair bouncy and no lifeless hair! Great combo with the Shampoo!! Thanks Dermtropics!

Soothe itchy scalp &boost healthy hair!

Super loved this shampoooo!!! ❤️ It's been a huge relief of my itchy scalp and lifeless hair prob. Thank God am able to try this products! Thank you for producing this product, Dermtropics!

Exceptionally Mild On The Skin

I love this Raw Coconut+ Colloidal Oatmeal Hand of Body Wash bec.of its gentleness in the skin and I love it since it is soap-free. Suitable for my 3yrs old daughter with eczema and big helps with my wound on my skin caused by extreme itcheness. Thanks Dermtropics!

Must try!!

Works as advertised for dry skin/eczema 💯

A game changer!

It helped remove my itchiness in just one wash. I like how nourishing it feels and best to pair with their lotion!

Age: 25 - 34
Skin Type: Combination, Sensitive, Kids
Skin Concern: Dark Spots, Dryness, Oiliness, Pores, Acne
Other Skin Concern: Skin Asthma
An Eye-Opener: The Gentle Soap Our Family Loves

As a mom who faced the challenges of post-partum life when my son was born years ago, dealing with hormonal imbalance and acne marks added unnecessary stress. Finding this soap has been transformative for me. It's incredibly gentle on my skin, cleansing effectively without causing any irritation.

Initially, I was surprised by the absence of a scent, as I've always used scented soaps. However, I soon learned that fragrances can be irritants. This soap has been an eye-opener, making me more mindful of the ingredients in my skincare products. The fragrance-free aspect is now something I appreciate, knowing it means non-irritants and a gentler experience for my skin. My skin is now the best version of itself, even better than years ago when I was using a variety of other skincare products.

Since I started using this soap, I've noticed a significant reduction in my acne marks. My skin feels healthier and looks clearer. What's even better is that it's not just me who loves it—our whole family has made the switch to this gentle cleansing bar. It has become a staple in our home.

Lightweight and Nourishing!

It helps with my dry skin. Perfect for humid weather. Thanks Dermtropics!

Superb Customer Service!

I’ve previously given Dermtropics a low rating due to delivery concerns, but they took action immediately which I greatly appreciate. I’m impressed with the prompt response and how they turn a possible bad experience into an amazing one. Kudos to Alyssa! The products are really good, and I love that they’re Earth-friendly. Thank you for the voucher, I’m gonna order again soon!♥️

Order Not Received

I have not received yet the order I made 14 days ago. What happened? I never received a call nor text message about the delivery.

NEW - Hair Care Duo
Ann Marie Imperial


Age: 40+
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
We love Dermtropics!

Great products! Your body wash, cleansing bar and body lotion are highly recommended! Everybody should try Dermtropics, really. These products work well on my skin, or should I say, on our skin. Our skin now feels moist and smooth, and we still feel fresh, not hot and sweaty. Usually, we when apply lotion, we feel hot and sticky. Glad to know you used local and abundant ingredient such as our very own coconut. We're so happy and proud with Dermtropics! It's a high-quality, local brand! Guess we need to say goodbye to Aveeno. 😁

Raw Coconut Daily Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion
Age: 30-34 years old
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Must have for dry and sensitive skin

I do have dry and sensitive skin. This lotion moisturizes and nourishes my skin well. I love how it glides to my skin softly and soothe it from the itch.

Raw Coconut + Colloidal Hand and Body Wash (Soap-Free)
Age: 30-34 years old
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Gentle and Nourishing!

My skin became dry due to the usage of tretinoin in my arms and legs. As a result, it cost me to itch and feel irritated. This body washes soothes my skin and gently cleanses them. My everyday bath feels more relaxing every day.

Age: 25-29 years old
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Perfect for my dry skin

Works perfectly well on my dry skin.

Raw Coconut + Argan Oil Conditioner
Holy Grail!

Been using this conditioner for more than 6 months and saw a lot of improvement with my hair! will be purchasing again when I run out.

Raw Coconut + Argan Oil Conditioner
Best Conditioner Ever!

Super intensive yet non-greasy. Made my hair shiny and smooth without being oily! Will definitely purchase again.

Reduces flakes, itchiness and makes hair so soft!

So many great things to say about this duo! I’ve always had an issue with the psoriasis on my scalp and finding a great shampoo that keeps me itch/flake free while keeping my hair soft. And I can say Dermtropics is the solution! My scalp is 70% flake free from the shampoo. When I run my fingers through my hair, I can’t see any noticeable flakes popping up.

And for someone with thick hair, it leaves the hair looking shiny, healthy and soft. I used to use T/Gel from Neutrogena and although it was effective, it left my hair frizzy and coarse. But these products don’t do that at all! 😍

I’d also say definitely follow their tips on Instagram on how to care for your hair with these products. They really help!

Raw Coconut + Argan Oil Conditioner
Angelo Alcudia
Great Product!!!

In just a week, I felt that my hair went smooth. Even my barber noticed the change in the texture of my hair.

Gift Box B - Adopt-a-Tree
Gentle and Moisturizing

Products were perfect for my dry skin. I also have hormonal issues so the clean and natural ingredients are a huge plus. I now consider these my holy grail lotion and soap bar. Please offer refill pouches for the lotion too. Will try your other products :)

Relieves scalp itchiness!

I have been using Scalpex and Selsun Blue for my seborrheic dermatitis. Unfortunately, last December 2021, it really got out of hand, my seborrheic dermatitis flared up, even those 2 medicated shampoos were of no help. So January 2022 I decided to buy Dermtropics Hair Care Duo, just to hopefully relieve the itchiness of my scalp. And voila! I think my itchiness decreased to 80%. Such a relief! It helps to nourish the scalp and hair, since the medicated shampoos can be drying. Love love love Dermtropics products! 💖

Gift Box D - Natural Stone Dish
Trisha Juico

I absolutely love the Raw Coconut Cleansing Bars. I used to use actual virgin coconut oil which left me feeling sticky and wanting another shower again. The bars are frangrance-free, gentle, mild (oh but it lathers so well!) and sometimes I even skip the lotion. It’s my beach staple too, calms down my burnt skin after a day in the sun. Im hooked! Can’t wait to try the other products ♥️

Raw Coconut Gentle Cleansing Bar (Limited Stocks)


Very effective for me in removing sweat and bad odor in my armpits. Thank you

Helped reduce my itchiness and dryness! Takes a while to get used to the low foaming effect, but im loving it so far! Thanks Dermtropics!

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