Our Sustainable Efforts

Dermtropics promotes Green Beauty. Our mission is to provide real and transformative results for your skin, while doing our part to reduce the waste impact on our planet. We believe that efforts toward having healthy and beautiful skin should never compromise our Planet’s well-being, and that it is highly achieveable through sustainable practices.

We take pride in our eco-friendly approach, from the ingredients we use to the packaging we choose. Our formulas and ingredients are free from harsh chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the environment.

We have transitioned to biodegradable packaging, by using bottles made out of 40% wheat straw material and polymer resins. We aim to lessen waste and lower our carbon footprint by providing bigger packaging sizes. We also have our refill pouches to avoid single-use bottles, and save up to 70% plastic usage.

Plastic-free deliveries are made possible through our website. To secure your orders, we use compostable mailers made out of cassava material and honeycomb wrap.

A QR code is available on the delivery box itself, for our brand and product information. We hope to optimize paper consumption by eliminating brochures.

It’s not too late to still plant trees to offset carbon emissions to help the planet heal, and we do this by partnering with organizations that truly prioritize the environment. Lastly, we highly encourage recycling by accepting the return of empty bottles of our products.

Through these efforts, we hope to exemplify what green beauty is by making a positive impact on the planet.

We believe that in order to truly take care of ourselves, we have to care about our environment too. Our planet provides abundance and resources, but only if we prioritize taking care of it. We at Dermtropics aspire to provide beauty, health, sustainability, and awareness. And we highly encourage you to join our community and make #GreenBeauty a reality.